Investor Services

Miracle, Inc. prides themselves on their personal attention to investors. We are dedicated to offering good old fashioned service and prompt communications.

Registered reps, broker/dealers and current investors can log in using a User ID and password to a secured Intranet where they will find pertinent information regarding current properties such as:

Miracle, Inc. disseminates information quickly and efficiently. Our open door policy allows all of our representatives and investors to receive immediate and timely updates. You can always rely on us. Please do not hesitate to call and we will answer your questions or remedy your concerns.

Please use the PARTNERS LOGIN on the Home page or click on the left menu link. Click on the category of INVESTORS, then find the current property. You will be taken to a property-specific login. Each property has a different User ID and password or "secured login."

To receive your property-specific secured login, please contact us today by calling our office or email us at: